An Exceptional Weekend!

In what can only be described as an exceptional weekend, riders from the Young Rider Development Team took victory in three races across the country.

Firstly Amy Gornall and Fiona Turnbull were on the start in the Gifford Road Race in Scotland. A race in which Amy beat the competition by minutes, and Fiona managed to come home with the Queen of the Mountains prize.

On the first lap there were a couple of attacks, I followed and rolled through. Jane Barr (velocity 44 RT) and I seemed to do a little two up TT on the front of the bunch for a while as no one seemed that keen to work. I wasn’t just going to sit in as I was riding hard to keep warm!

The men’s race set off after us and on lap two a break of 3 men came past, Jane and I were the only ones strong enough to jump on. It turned out I wouldn’t see the women’s peloton again. I completed the remainder of the race as a TT to the line for a solo victory. I definitely had no expectations of a win today, but am very pleased to have won my first race of the season.

Amy Gornall

Winner, Gifford Road Race

I decided to stretch my legs and attack on to the QOM line while staying off the front for a few minutes. This was enough to secure the QOM. In hindsight this may not have been the best tactic for the race, but never hurts to go a bit crazy for the first one of the season.

Fiona Turnbull

Queen of the Mountains, Gifford Road Race

Meanwhile on the same day at Prissick Park, Middleborough,  Sophie Enever took her third victory of the season.

Finally on Sunday Savannah Morgan took part in the Cull Cup at Pimbo,  with a complete turnaround in the weather it was a mild but pleasant day for 20 laps around the circuit. In the end Savannah came away with the victory from a 2up breakaway beating Illi Gardner (Veloflow CC) in the sprint.

It was a hard, cold race and I am happy to have won my third race of the season already.

Sophie Enevers

Winner, Prissick Park, Middlesborough

The first 10 laps of the race were rather slow, a few riders made a lot of attempts to push on, but nothing stuck. The prime lap was at 10 to go, and that was when I presumed that if a move was going to stick it would be straight after the prime. I got away with a group of four, but not everyone was committed to work and the break was brought back.

With four laps to go I pushed on over the finish and was joined by Illi, we both committed to the break and gained a 32 second advantage within a lap or so. With one lap to go we had 51 seconds on the bunch. We pushed until the finish where I was able to out sprint Illi and take the win.

It was nice to win and it’s a great marker to see what level my fitness is at early in the season.

Savannah Morgan

Winner, Cull Cup at Pimbo

All in all an amazing weekend for the team which puts the win counter on 6 wins for the season already. A big thank to all our supporters.

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